I was punched in the face by a man after I refused to give him my Snapchat details on NYE – I’m now terrified to go out

A WOMAN is terrified to go out after she said she was repeatedly punched in the face by a man in a nightclub.

Yazmin Flowers said she was slapped and punched by a man in the VIP section of celebrity haunt China White in Newcastle on New Year’s Eve after refusing to share her Snapchat details.

Yazmin was left with cuts and bruises after the attack


Yazmin was left with cuts and bruises after the attackCredit: NCJ MEDIA
The 21-year-old said she she is scared to go out and has not left the house since


The 21-year-old said she she is scared to go out and has not left the house sinceCredit: NCJ MEDIA

Yazmin, 21, told Chronicle Live she went to A&E after suffering a swollen eye, cut lip, multiple bruises and a cut finger following the attack – which has left her traumatised.

She explained how she was approached by a man who asked for her Snapachat, but she refused.

Yazmin, from the West Midlands, said he slapped her across the face, adding: “I burst into tears and went to the toilets. A friend followed me in and I told her what happened.”

But she said when her friend confronted the man he then punched Yazmin “at least three times in the face”, before hitting her friend, causing her to smash her phone.

She said her pal was left with “a really hurt jaw”.

She added it was her fist time visiting Newcastle, adding: “I go out quite a lot, but now I don’t want to go out ever again. It was so uncalled for.”

She added: “It was awful. It hurts to eat, it literally kills. He must have knocked me out because I only remember being hit once but I have injuries in different parts of my face.”

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Yazmin added: “I didn’t think it would happen to me. The way he did it, he was so confident. It was like he knew he wouldn’t get kicked out.”

She added that she hasn’t left the house since and is “really scared”.

Yazmin said nobody jumped in to help either, which really disappointed her.

A spokesperson for the club said: “On New Year’s Eve one of our female guests was sadly involved in an altercation with another patron at our Newcastle branch.

“Any occurrence of this type is terrible and shocking and, as one would expect, we have policies and procedures in place in order to help and to protect our guests, particularly any injured parties.

“Following an extensive investigation, we can confirm that all of our operational policies were followed and our staff did all that they could to assist the guest, including providing first aid, the support of management and security and undertaking a full internal investigation.

“She was not left unaccompanied nor was she unconscious at any time, as is visible on CCTV.

“Security and management immediately endeavoured to see if the perpetrator remained on the premises in order to apprehend him but without the assistance of a visual identification and only a vague description available, this did not prove possible.”

Northumbria Police confirmed to Chronicle Live they are investigating the incident.

Yazmin said nobody stepped in to help


Yazmin said nobody stepped in to helpCredit: NCJ MEDIA
Yazmin suffered a cut finger


Yazmin suffered a cut fingerCredit: NCJ MEDIA
Yasmin's face was left bruised and red after she was punched and slapped


Yasmin’s face was left bruised and red after she was punched and slappedCredit: NCJ MEDIA

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