Piers Morgan in nasty Twitter spat with Bette Milder over Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan and actress Bette Milder are embroiled in a heated Twitter spat over Meghan Markle.

Bette, 74, told Piers to “f*** off” after he posted a rant about Meghan, who appears to have been protesting Donald Trump in America.

Good Morning Britain host, Piers said Meghan should be stripped of her royal title in a controversial post,

This led to Bette’s rather blunt comment in reply.

Piers, 55, then responded, quoting her tweet, writing “#bekind”..

Piers made the harsh comment after she said: “We all know what’s at stake” in a video where she appeared to be encouraging people not to vote for Trump.

She was speaking as part of Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote campaign.

She said: “If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. If you are complacent, you are complicit.

“We can make a difference in this election and we will make a difference in this election,” she added.

Piers posted the video and ranted: “Queen must strip the Sussexes of their titles.

“They can’t remain as royals & spout off about foreign elections in such a brazenly partisan way.”

His comments caused a strong debate on Twitter and “She’s American, Piers” trended after some users pointed out Meghan is not an English native, and has already stepped back from royal duties.

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