UK’s best and worst city for food, fashion and nightlife revealed by new research

NEWCASTLE has been voted the best city in the UK for its food, fashion and nightlife, according to research.

A quirky survey asked 2,000 residents in the UK’s largest cities to rate the different “vibes” in their area, such as sense of style, music and food.

Newcastle has been voted the best city in the UK for its food, fashion and nightlife


Newcastle has been voted the best city in the UK for its food, fashion and nightlifeCredit: SWNS
New research quizzed thousands of residents in the UK's largest cities


New research quizzed thousands of residents in the UK’s largest citiesCredit: SWNS

Newcastle scored highest for seven out of the nine vibes in total – including being the most welcoming city and having the best pub scene.

Stoke-on-Trent however, didn’t do so well, coming bottom across six of the nine categories.

The Staffordshire city was voted as having the lowest vibe overall, coming bottom for its nightlife, food and music.

The study was commissioned by global tech brand HONOR to mark the launch of its new HONOR 90 smartphone series, which is all about helping users celebrate individuality and encouraging them to Share Their Vibe with the world.

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Bond Zhang, CEO, said: “Newcastle truly has vibes worth sharing and it’s clear why.

“A city with a positive and inviting atmosphere becomes a beacon of hope and inspiration, fostering a sense of belonging and unity among its people.

“A good vibe not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also entices tourists and businesses, leading to economic growth and cultural exchange.

“Not only that, a great city vibe goes hand in hand with individuality – something we celebrate with our latest HONOR 90.”

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Liverpool was the only other city to score highly, coming top as the best place to go if you want to watch a good game of sports and also for its music.

Stoke wasn’t the only city to score low however, as London was found to be the least welcoming city.

And Belfast scored poorly for its sports teams and games.

It was found that 84 per cent enjoy living in or near a city, with the main reasons being because of their good shops (38 per cent), good restaurants (36 per cent) and there’s always something to do (33 per cent).

And 67 per cent would recommend the city they live in to a friend or loved one who is looking for somewhere new to live.

Given the chance to describe the overall vibe in their city, 41 per cent said it was lively and exciting, while 15 per cent described it as chilled and easy-going.

Friendly people (55 per cent), clean streets (53 per cent) and green spaces (51 per cent) came out as the most popular features a city should have.

A variety of restaurants (45 per cent), good air quality (44 per cent) and a good sense of community (41 per cent) also made the list.

Of those who took part in the study by, 57 per cent base their decision on where to live on how likely they’ll be able to be themselves there.

Bond Zhang, for HONOR, added: “There is nothing worse than living in a place where you feel like you don’t belong so finding a city that suits your personality is so important.

“Embracing who you truly are allows you to express your unique personality, interests, and values.

“The importance of a city having a good vibe cannot be overstated, for it is the beating heart that fuels its success and makes it a place truly worth calling home.”


1.            Newcastle – 8.09

2.            Cardiff – 7.36

3.            Liverpool – 7.17

4.            Reading – 7.14

5.            Edinburgh – 7.04

6.            Middlesbrough – 7.00

7.            Brighton and Hove – 6.99

8.            London – 6.85

9.            Coventry – 6.63

10.          Leicester – 6.62


1.            Liverpool – 7.53

2.            Newcastle – 7.42

3.            Manchester – 7.31

4.            Cardiff – 7.30

5.            London – 7.23

6.            Middlesbrough – 6.96

7.            Brighton and Hove – 6.93

8.            Leeds – 6.86

9.            Reading – 6.81

10.          Liverpool – 7.53


1.            Newcastle – 7.42

2.            London – 7.12

3.            Liverpool – 7.04

4.            Reading – 6.89

5.            Brighton and Hove – 6.79

6.            Cardiff – 6.75

7.            Edinburgh – 6.75

8.            Middlesbrough – 6.53

9.            Newcastle upon Tyne – 6.46

10.          Leeds – 6.44


1.            Newcastle – 8.16

2.            London – 7.74

3.            Cardiff – 7.73

4.            Reading – 7.56

5.            Middlesbrough – 7.44

6.            Liverpool – 7.40

7.            Edinburgh – 7.34

8.            Brighton and Hove – 7.20

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9.            Manchester – 7.16

10.          Newcastle upon Tyne 7.14

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